Free Digital Printing Seminar


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There will be an actual demo and business consultation session with our sales executives during the seminar to help you get started with your Digital Printing Business or Digital T-Shirt Printing Business.

To register, just text your (Full Name, Date of Seminar) to 0945-243-8174 or you may also call us on this number.


When: Every Tuesdays, Thursdays,and Saturdays at 8:30 a.m. to 11 a.m.


2115 Felix Huertas Rd. Santa Cruz, Manila (Near SM San Lazaro)


Key Topics:

I. Seminar expectations

II. Introduction for Digital Printing Industry

III. Presentation of Finished Product

IV. Technical Demo Tutorial

  • Things needed to start the business
  • Machine specs and advantages
  • Overall printing process
  • Tips
  • Maintenance
  • Marketing overview
  • Showcase different type of finished products
  • Target market
  • Presentation of services to clients
  • Marketing strategies

VI. Sales Profit Margin

  • Costing and marking-up

VII. Capital Investment

VIII. Support from Crystal Image

  • Design templates
  • Video tutorials
  • Remote access

IX. Summary

X. Question & Answer

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Free Seminar