Corner Trimmer
Officom Rectangular Puncher Officom Rectangular Puncher
Features: Perfect tool for punching a flat hole, ellipse sharp hole on the PVC cards Perfect for making ID badges and other kind of PVC...
Officom Corner Puncher Officom Corner Puncher
Features: Punch hole on a laminated card, PVC card, name badge and ID card Metal Structure
Officom Circular Puncher Officom Circular Puncher
Features: Punch hole clean and precisely Metal punch head Great punching for invitations, greeting cards and scrapbook
Officom 3-in-1 Warrior Puncher Officom 3-in-1 Warrior Puncher
Features: Easy and quick knob Adjustable by-hand for 3 kinds of functions Precise paper punch 1 hole paper punch (1/4”) Slot punch for name badge...
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