Officom Corner Puncher Officom Corner Puncher
OFFICOM CORNER PUNCHER Built for convenience, the Officom Corner Puncher is a multipurpose product that gives you two options depending on your needs. One end...
Officom Rectangular Puncher Officom Rectangular Puncher
Features: Perfect tool for punching a flat hole, ellipse sharp hole on the PVC cards Perfect for making ID badges and other kind of PVC...
Corner Trimmer - Crystal Image Paper Marketing Corp
CORNER TRIMMERThe Corner Trimmer is an easy and clean way to even out just about any paper’s edges, cleanly! Compact and easy to handle, just...
Officom Circular Puncher Officom Circular Puncher
OFFICOM CIRCULAR PUNCHERMake production fast with the Circular Puncher!This handheld puncher is durable, that is made out of heavy duty metal and with a rubberized...
Officom 3-in-1 Warrior Puncher Officom 3-in-1 Warrior Puncher
Features: Easy and quick knob Adjustable by-hand for 3 kinds of functions Precise paper punch 1 hole paper punch (1/4”) Slot punch for name badge...
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